Men-Women Differences – Needless Concers

Women differ from men: Men differ from women. They differ both in physical appearance and mental attitudes.

Differences in physical appearance between women and men are clear and well-read. The mental differences too are obvious but not as clear and readable as those of the men-folk.

Differences between women and men defined the course of existence paving the way for survival right from the time homo-sapiens evolved. Sex, pregnancy, motherhood and child care marked the women at a different level. The level was conducive for men to play the protective role over women. The protective role made men stronger in mental attitude, body weight, muscle power, shape and looks. With these additional advantages men could easily subdue women in every area of existential pursuits.

As in the case of any other subject, difference between women and men became a serious field of study for researchers. They took each and every aspect of the difference for their study and brought forth findings according to their whims and fancies: Most of their findings defy common sense. However it is  interesting to note that some of their evaluations reflected the best qualifies of the female gender which the male gender lost in passage of time.

What the researchers have revealed about women-men differences is amusing and at the same time they are intriguing as well. The crucial findings, briefly put, lay in the following lines:

“Women have more talent to effectively communicate with the surrounding world as compared to men;

“Women find practical solutions for each and every issue quickly and effectively which the male bastions lack;

“Women show emotion and empathy which their opposite counterpart fail to imbibe.

“Women process things better using both the right and left hemispheres of the brain while men use only the left hemisphere of their brain;

“Women cope-up with stress more effectively by taking care of themselves rationally with a cool set of mind while men miserably stand aloof on the reverse path. It is because women are under the governess of estrogen while men are controlled by high level of testosterone which makes the men folk unable to manage stress;

“Women perceive pains quickly and seek timely treatment while men tend to suppress pain and avoid treatment;

“Women excel higher in language based skills in comparison with the skill of men on this score”.

The supremacy of men in matters of intelligence and creativity were also closely evaluated by the researchers. The studies concluded that:

“Men have better mathematical skills while women stand below the rank because men are more intelligent than women;

“Men have abilities and skills to overview things and achieve results through action because men have more muscle power and physical strength as compared to women;

“Men are aggressive in their attitude and action. They keep women under control while womenfolk keep their mood cool with empathy”.

What the researchers and the science-monger community are up to in the matter of differentiating women from men is nothing but an attempt to degrade the female gender; an attempt to establish male supremacy. The existing differences between women and men either in physical appearance or in the endocrine (hormonal) system and the reproductive role women play are part of existence in the survival path of the species. They are quite natural and general for all the living organisms.

The efforts of the researchers are sheer waste of time, energy and resources because their findings have not contributed anything for the good of the society nor for the cause of science and technology.

Science has proved that there is no difference between the brains of women and men. All actions and attitudes of an individual, whether male or female, are controlled and executed by the central nervous system and the sensory centres in the brain. In this process, the reactions of the sensory centers through innumerable nerve connections are the determinant factors that decide the attitudes and behaviour of an individual. The nerve connections, both the permanent and the temporary, are formed on the basis of various stimuli emanating from the internal and external environs. The environs decide and reflect the so-called attitudinal differences between women and men.

Any belief or any idea that women are less intelligent than men is absurd and ridiculous. There are innumerable instances where women have excelled in intelligence and creativity. History tells that Women have fought wars; Women have ruled Countries; Women legislatures have made valuable contributions for the good of the people in democratic Countries; Women bureaucrats have shown excellent integrity and decision making skills. In many instances Women have out shined Men in literature and in scientific inventions.

It is true that majority of women across the world are still under the shadow of male supremacy. Faith and religion are solely responsible for the tragic transgression. In the name of god and spiritual solace, most of the religions do not allow women to move freely, to act independently, to dress and to socialize. Customs and cultural traditions of societies contributed greatly to the behavioral degradation of women. Examples for this trend are aplenty in Arabian and Asian sub-continents.

The traditions and customs, whether religious or community based, dictate observance of particular postures for women which subdues the female behind the male bastions. The subjugation that continues for generations would have brought in differences in attitudinal and behavioral changes in women. These differences are insignificant conditioned reactions rather than structural and physiological defects in brain activities affecting intelligence.

Women are equal to Men. Both Women and Men constitute the homo-sapiens species. The best thing for humans to observe for the cause of congenial social order world over would be to ignore the findings of the researchers who willfully or otherwise, degrade or upgrade one gender over the other.

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