Occultism – The Clandestine Benevolence of the Yore

Occultism is one of the most nefarious and ill conceived beliefs of ignorance Occult Practices are widely prevalent, the world over.  Attributes of occultism poured out by the occult practitioners are awesome; they are pain-filled attraction to the ill-intent believers.

Awe and wonder are there in all paranormal experiences, but the experience that is bestowed by and through occultism is fearsome for one thing and destructive for the other; both are too relevant that it cannot be ignored.

Occultism is the knowledge of the Supernatural powers; occultism surpasses all the powers of the Nature including that of the Humans. Occultism is no Ordinary knowledge but it can be acquired and disclosed only by the Initiated ones among the humans.

Thus goes the twisty explanations attributed to occultism. The way to the abode of occultism is misty and it is impenetrable by common sense.

The word ‘Occult’ owes its origin to ‘Occultus’ of Latin linguafranca: Occultus refers to something which is secret and clandestine. The clandestine knowledge of Occultism is secret: The secret knowledge is the propriety of the ones who are the Initiated humans: Initiated humans are the ones who are introduced to the hidden, secret and clandestine knowledge of the supernatural powers.

The aim and purpose of the hidden, secret, paranormal and out of the natural phenomena of Occultism focus on mischievous and clandestine dealings: The dealings are handled by section of the humans who are the Initiated ones.

There are innumerable number of members in the Occult family: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Alchemy, Astrology, Palmistry, Parrotstrology, Ouija, Tarot, Sorcery, Tantra, Sex magic, Transcendental meditation, Yogic trance, Nudism, Subconscious mind, Super conscious mind and similar other concepts and practices live well within the Occult Family. Of these, the most acclaimed occult members are Telepathy and Clairvoyance. All the occult practices owe their parentage to the so-called paranormal, supernatural and out of the world entities.

Beginning of occult practices can be traced to the origin of Beliefs: Long before Homo sapiens reached the stage of civil society, what the wandering prehistoric humans, wandering for food and shelter in the dangerous terrain on the surface of earth, feared the most were wild animals, thunder, lightning, rains and floods. They started believing that these calamitous agents are the creation of unknown powers and that pleasing of the unknown, supernatural powers would help them defeat the odds of the nature. Thus was the beginning of Belief in supernatural powers; belief that was born out of fear. The belief thus evolved started traversing in two distinct directions through an extraneous sense which is described as the ‘Sixth Sense’.

All humans and almost all higher animals have five senses. They represent the faculties of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. These sensory experiences are produced by the processes of excitation and inhibition of the five sensory centres like, visual centre, auditory centre, olfactory centre and motor centre situated in the cerebral cortex of the brain. In the absence of the existing five sense organs and the sensory centres, no one including the people of extreme religious faiths and the persons of the deepest spiritual achievements, can ever have any sensory experiences. Scientists have proved that persons whose cortex had been damaged did not have sensory experiences. Therefore the story of existence of sixth sense other than the established five senses is a fallacy. That is proof enough to establish that occultism is just another trickery to malign the innocence of believers.

Experiences relating to things and matters which have objective reality in the physical plane are generated by brain activity. However, experiences relating to things and matters which do not have objective reality in the physical plane can also take place: Such experiences too are the working results of the nervous system. The experiences of the latter category can be traced to abnormal working of the nervous system of the beholders. Neuroscience has proved that these subjective experiences are delusion centric illusions and hallucinations. They stand real for the ones who experience because of their deranged mental conditions.

Occultism is one among the several mystic concerns of the antique philosophies: Perhaps, in the absence of science and scientific methods of evaluation, the thinkers of the past had no other way available before them to codify subjective experiences. The only route in front of them was the path of mysticism: They channelized all the then inexplicable experiences through extra-sensory and supernatural entities. Thus was the emergence of Occultism which stands out today as the store house of obscurantism before the light of Science and Technology. Occultism will remain and continue to remain as long as human race continues to remain steeped in gullibility and superstitious beliefs. Science has saved many from the clutches of obscurantism; let science do what science need to do and save many more from the strangle-hold of Occultism.

  1. One path followed rituals and practices for propitiating god for the good of a group of humans which later became religion. The other path resorted to propitiating the supernatural for maleficent objectives. The latter category of pursuits resulted in the formation of Occultism and Occult practices. All the religions, including the antique and the modern, stoutly follow occultism as the negative path of religious benevolence.

Occultism is closely linked to religion and religious beliefs. Religious Texts teach that there is a malicious power which is almost equal but opposite to the divine powers of the almighty god. By propitiating this satanic power, the Initiated ones can create secret experiences which are beyond or outside the scope of science and scientific inquiry. Such experiences belong to the Occult Family.

Spiritualism – It’s Null, No Good

Meaning of spiritualism is simple and straightforward: Dictionary says that, Spiritualism is a belief: According to the particular belief, spirits of the dead persons communicate with persons who are alive, either directly or through mediums.

A close look at the meaning reveals that spiritualism might have emerged out of a metaphysical belief that the world is made up of two substances called matter and spirit: Humans belong to matter which is essential for spirit to inhabit as soul and then to escape into spirit world. Spiritualism is based on the concept of the Spirit World.

Over the years spiritualism became a creed which believes that there are human beings who are capable of communicating with spirits: Spirit is soul of dead persons which after escaping from the living body, wanders in the spirit world. It is believed that some living persons can communicate with the spirit world. That ability to communicate with the spirit is said to be paranormal skill of the living humans. The paranormal ability helps humans to create occult powers, to make magic potions, to perform sorcery, to practice witchcraft, to believe in supernatural powers, to create ideas about god, to worship and to work as priests, godmen, godwomen, sanyasis, sadhus and innumerable other divine entrepreneurs.

Spiritualism comprises many things for many people. Since spiritualism has evil designs as well as divine benefits some people use spiritualism for harming other people and some people follow spiritualism for infusing divinity for self and others. Sorcery, kill-mantra; – the most followed ritual in the Indian subcontinent relating to sacrifices of animals and occult practices, are examples for harming others. Here the spirit of dead persons which do not get entry into heaven but wander in the spirit world as ghosts, go on haunting the living humans and animals: That helps the ghost-hunting spiritualists to employ their hidden tantrums to tie down the ghosts.

On the other side of the spectrum lie religious propagandists like priests, evangelists, sanyasis, godmen and godwomen who use the omniscient power of the spirit world to inculcate divinity, love and compassion and also hatred among their followers. Since religion is involved in the practices, the path of love and compassion for others become route for destruction of one system of belief by another system of belief. That apart, acute dedication to spiritual pursuits make the followers of spiritualism idle and unproductive as a result of which the spiritualists have to depend on materialist pursuers for their sustenance in the physical world.

The concepts attributed to spirit world that embrace the empire of spiritualism have no limits in so far as the subjective thoughts and imaginations of human mind are concerned.

There are convincing evidences to prove that spiritualism originated in Ancient Indian subcontinent known as Bharat. It all started with the Aryan invasion which took place around 1000BC. There was a flourishing civilization existing in Bharat before the arrival of Aryans from the Persian subcontinent. That was cantered around the Sindhu river belt in the northern part of the subcontinent. That civil society was of atheists who were called Charvakas. The Aryans brought their culture based on obscurantism of spiritualism and occupied the land of atheism after driving away the Charvakas to the South. Practice of Chatur Varna Vyavastha headed by Brahmins was the major part of spiritualism of the Aryans. Brahmins ruled the whole social set up and cultivated spiritualism in every area of existence of the people under the Chatur Varna Vyavastha which categorized the people into Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras  at the helm of the system. Slowly and steadily the Varna Vyavastha and spiritualism associated with it spread across the entire subcontinent. Spiritualism continues its pervasive stranglehold in India and today, with added vigour and might spiritualism controls the whole of social, cultural and political scenario of the country.

Apart from Bharat, spiritualism was wide spread in China, Japan, Pacific Islands and other parts of the world as part of ancient beliefs and related cultural pursuits of the inhabitants of those places.

The most popular western version of spiritualism is said to be devoid of belief in rebirth and past life concepts and is different from its original postulations as reflected in the practice of spiritualism in India. It is said that the practice began its spread in the West sometime in early eighteen forties of Christian era with the magic of an illicit female who created stories about knocking at doors and windows and flying of furniture across rooms and roofs by the spirit of a certain dead person. Today across the western countries several Christian churches and Groups of believers have thousands of Spiritualists practicing spiritualism in United Kingdom alone.

Practice of spiritualism in the west is centred mainly on mediums which with the help of spirits carry out unnatural events and occurrences like occult practices of Ouija. Spiritualism followed in the West is different from divine postulations of Christianity or Islam which stand for love, compassion and formed centres of spiritualism. It is said that in late 1920s and early 1930s there were other religiously occupied precepts of the spirit world.

Spiritualism is a mirage: Spiritualism cannot feed the empty stomachs of people including the spiritualists. Had there been no materialism and materialistic pursuits there would not have been any production to sustain the life of humans. Such a situation would have made the Earth-World a lonely Spirit World devoid of Humans to imagine anything including the idea of spirits and spirit-world.


Kill Mantra – The Sorcery That Kills

 Sorcery is kill-mantra, – the mantra that kills: Sorcery is a member of the occult family: Not only that, Sorcery is the supreme head of the occult family. The Supremo is endowed with the highest degree of supernatural powers which can negate all what is good and bright for human thoughts and actions.

For believers God is the greatest of all the supernatural entities. The next in the row, is soul, the spirit; soul and spirit sustain life. When soul, the spirit, leaves the body living organism meets its end; the end is portrayed as death.

Depending upon the deeds of the dead person in the previous birth, the soul of the dead may get entry into heaven to enjoy the pleasures arranged there or the soul may go to hell to face all the miseries ordained there. But all souls do not have opportunity either to enter the heaven or to go to the hell. There is a set of souls which gets neither heaven nor the hell but gets disembodied. The disembodied spirit wanders in space attacking living beings. The entities in the third category are ghosts or evil spirits, feared by everybody, everywhere.

Sorcery is defined as ‘use of magic through the aid of evil spirits with the intent to harm others’. Everyone knows that magic is jugglery which creates illusory experiences for the viewers. Magicians seldom take recourse to evil spirits to create illusions for the consumption of their audiences because they know sorcery cannot work on their tools. Sorcery has nothing to do with magic: Sorcery, therefore, stands aloof. Sorcery creates harmful effects only on the victims.

Evil spirits known as ghosts are invoked in all kinds of sorceries to maim and destroy others. Practice of sorcery is universal at the hands of nefarious human elements. Despite the fact that science and technology has enormously influenced the thoughts and actions of people, there are still persons who practice sorcery with dubious intentions. There are also people who become prey to sorcery and who face the consequences of sorcery. The trend setters who sustain the practice are religion, faith and ritualistic practices of blind beliefs and superstitious practices of malicious human entities.

Ancient Scriptures of the holy land of Bharat contain rituals which are meant to propitiate gods and spirits. These rituals are called ‘mantras’. Mantras are recited with the accompaniment of ‘homam’, the holy fire, along with flowers and incense. Most of the mantras are verses composed in Sanskrit and are recited in connection with ‘poojas’, rituals and other religious ceremonies. In later decades, mantras were also scripted in other Indian languages including vernaculars of tribal population. If a linguistic study as to its meaning and content is carried out, the scholars might have to admit that most mantras do not have any sense other than making meaningless sounds at the recital.

When mantra is recited along with the prescribed paraphernalia, the devotees around, would pass through a mental phase of heightened feelings which may be of positive consequences or negative impacts depending upon the faith, belief and gullibility of the persons concerned. The mantras which are used for evil purposes are called ‘tantra’ or tantras and the performer of tantra is named Tantric. The effectiveness or otherwise of mantra and tantra depends upon the persons at whom the mantra or the tantra are directed.

A gullible person who is a strong believer of spirits and who is afraid of the impact of the kill-mantra of tantra might easily be carried away into the evil depths which in due course of time make the individual sick. In extreme circumstances, the impact of kill-mantra might even lead the believer to death. But no mantra or tantra can ever create any impact on a person who does not believe in any mantra or tantra either to appease the spirits for doing well or to maim and kill others for illicit motives.

In March 2008, a visual media major repeatedly telecast a big drama enacted by a famous tantric of North India, who patronized many known and unknown personalities. In front of specially arranged ‘homa’ was seated a staunch Rationalist. The Tantric played all his tricks, including physical pressure on the Rationalist to create some impact of his kill-mantra but he repeatedly failed. The Rationalist immediately came out and addressed a press meet and explained the whole story of mantras and tantras and the notoriety of the tantric.

There are no mantras or tantras that can kill a person. The evil impacts of tantra solely depend upon the scale of gullibility of the believer-subjects.

There are no souls, there are no spirits to sustain life. No soul escapes the body at the time of death. There are no spirits which wander around to attack the living. There are no spirits to haunt living persons in the physical plane. Soul, spirit, ghost and other supernatural entities are denizens of human mind. The humans who carry the denizens in their mind have naturally to carry the burden of the denizens, as well.