Divine Miracles – How Best To Expose

Miracle is an event that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is  ascribed to divine or supernatural cause. That is how dictionaries define the word ‘miracle’. The dictionary meaning emphasizes two important requirements to help determine whether an event is a miracle or not.

Firstly, a miracle should have to be an event which surpasses human and natural powers; secondly, miracle should have to be an event ascribed to divine or supernatural causes.

Religious texts and Holy Scriptures are full of stories about divine miracles: Scriptures of Hinduism tell that divine entities could shut the mouth of wild animals, ride on tigers, dance with cobras, fly across the world incognito, and walk on water, live in fire, produce materials from nowhere and so on.

While on the other side, according to narratives in Islamic texts, the Prophet flew to heaven on a flying donkey; water sprinkled from the Prophet’s hands; dead girl was made alive; Allah turned many people into monkeys; Stone ran away robbing Moses’ clothes et al.

Religious texts of Christian faith are no exception: Prominent among the list of miracles is the birth of Jesus out of Virgin Mary without the help of a male partner. Another is the story of Abraham who kills birds, cuts them into pieces and makes them alive again.

In short, anything and everything can turn out to be a miracle provided it is an event which is beyond the range of human or natural powers and that the event itself is for the cause of divinity and supernatural powers. Based on the premise, it appears that there exist no rules, regulations and parameters for a miracle to happen. It premises that Miracle is an event or occurrence beyond the level of being objectively understood or deciphered by an individual or a group of individuals, at a given time or situation. That scenario was well-used by mischievous human elements among societies who wanted to shine in supernatural glow over living and non-living objects on the earth. Religious propagandists across the world, godmen, god women, spiritualists, priests, sadhus and sanyasis in the subcontinent of India had exploited the human society and they continue to exploit the gullible human beings through Miracles for material gains and supremacy over others.

Divine Miracles at the hands of nefarious elements under  different shades have destroyed the nascence of believers across India over the years. The innocent religious followers have become idlers, they have lost means of livelihood; the Country has seen drastic go-slow in economic growth due to loss of interest in production. Lack of creative engagement has become the order of the Nation-building Scene of India. Majority of commoners including the labor class with their family and neighbors go after various shrines, spiritualists and sanyasis, attracted by miracles. But benevolence of Divine Miracles never reach them, blessings of the divine entities never help them:  They remain lost in every area of material benefits subjugated in the misty clouds of subjective imaginations. What the Country needs today to lift the gullible believers out of the tragic situation is to educate them about the senseless exploitation by the spiritualists and to inculcate in them the scientific truth about divine miracles.

The best way to educate the believers about the exploitation is to organize campaigns across the length and breadth of the Country: The campaign programs should have to be ideal, attractive and interesting for the public so that the people at large will tend to absorb the principles of truth in their day to day life and free themselves from the clutches of obscurantism.

During 1970s, the Indian Rationalists Association set an example for successful conduct of a series of Divine Miracle Exposure Campaigns in various parts of the Country. Experience of miracles arises out of mental trauma caused by illusions and hallucinations. The IRA devised the divine miracle exposure programs based on the said mental transformation on the participating members from the audience. In this context, a review of the IRA program seems to be worthwhile for modelling such programs:

On the conclusion of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Indian Rationalist Association which was held in December, 1974 at Madras (the present, Chennai of Tamil Nadu, South India) , the Executive Working Committee decided to conduct a tour for miracle exposure by engaging the services of an expert magician to perform magic tricks of the miracle makers, a competent Hypnotist to conduct lecture cum demonstration of illusions and hallucination on subjects from the audience and a well-learnt Speaker of outstanding expertise to explain the nullity of divine miracles. Accordingly the Committee selected the renowned rationalist and retired lecturer of Thurston College, Prof. A T Kovoor of Sree Lanka (Ceylon), Magician Swaminathan of Tamil Nadu and well-known scientific hypnotist P K Narayanan of Nagpur in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra State to conduct the proposed Divine Miracle Exposure Campaign. The Executive Working Committee thereupon passed the following resolutions in that connection:

1. The programs shall be conducted under the banner of Devine Miracle Exposure Campaign short named as DMEC of Indian Rationalist Association.

2. The program shall include lecture and question answer by AT Kovoor for one to one and a half hours; Magic show of Miracle Busting by Swaminathan for thirty to forty five minutes and lecture-cum-demonstration of mass hypnotism by P K Narayanan for two to two and a half hours. It was further decided that for news and publicity, name of P K Narayanan shall be changed as Prof. Hypno and the hypnotic show shall be called Hypnorema.

3. The local Rationalist Organizations/Cultural and Social forums shall have to pay Rs.600 for each program to meet the travel expenses of the touring party; local transportation for the troupe shall be arranged by local organizers; the local organizing bodies may charge the public a minimum entry fee (ticket) in order to meet organizational expenses.

All the affiliated State Rationalist Associations, Atheist-Humanist Associations and Various Cultural Forums were informed about DMEC Program being organized by IRA. The first tour was scheduled to cover Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The second, third and fourth campaigns to cover the States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. The IRA organized four consecutive campaigns beginning the first program at Tanjore (Thanjavoor) in Tamil Nadu on the fifteenth of March 1975.

The DMEC program of IRA was the first of its kind in the history of rationalist movement not only in India but elsewhere in the World. The campaign gave strong boost for the growth of Rationalist movement in different parts of the Country: Many new associations came up for the crusade against superstitions.

In the interest of the Country and in the interest of the society as a whole, miracle exposures are the need of the hour. Divine Miracle Exposure Campaigns are the best education program to uplift the people from the abyss of decadent beliefs and practices.