Beyond the Reach of Science

If something is projected as out of science or beyond the reach of science, including those which are within the human thoughts, then that something ought to have to be non-existent anywhere. It is because reach of science has no limits.

There is, however, a section of thinkers and pseudo-intellectuals who think otherwise: For them all beliefs and faiths in soul and spirits are beyond the reach of science. They claim that beliefs, faiths, soul and spirits are invisible and they have no physical existence and that therefore science has no say in these matters.

Visibility is a visual experience nurtured by brain. There are many invincible things in the universe like air and various types of gases. Simply because these are invisible to naked eye, they are not out of science and scientific studies.

The concept that there are things in the universe which are out of the reach of science has arisen because the beholders of the concept do not understand what science is.

Science is a systemic branch of knowledge; science is a branch of study based on the operation of general laws applicable in the physical or material world. Anything that exists outside the physical, material world, if such a thing exists, can be construed as being outside the scope of science. But then the question that arises in the context is as to what would be that thing which is outside the material, physical world?

All kinds of beliefs, faiths, beliefs of soul and spirits are created by human brain. No animals, birds and other living organisms except humans have any belief or faith in and about god, soul, spirits and innumerable other supernatural entities. The central nervous system of human brain reached limitless complexity enabling it to fathom deep into subjective imaginations pertaining to everything including beliefs.

Brain is an inseparable part of human body which exists in the material physical plane as part and parcel of Universe. Therefore imaginations and beliefs created and nurtured in human brain is within the reach of science; all sorts of beliefs, beliefs in god, spirits and soul are accessible to scientific evaluations and conclusions.

Ever since homo-sapiens species evolved on the surface of Earth, their brain activity of thoughts and actions started following a two-way traffic route. One of the routes they followed confined itself within the frame-work of subjective thoughts and ideas while the other one they pursued was based on objective reality. The path of Subjective thoughts is based on contextual imaginations made without tangible evidence. That process of subjective imaginations which the perceivers could reach out was easy and simple to postulate. On the other side, objective reality stands face to face with real objects where no imaginations are called for to find a position in the physical plane.

As far as science is concerned both the above mentioned two-way traffic routes followed by human thoughts are within the scope and reach of science. Today the Study of neuroscience is in a very advanced stage: Discoveries made by the great Physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov during the first part of the twentieth century have proved that all kinds of sensations, perceptions, conceptions and judgements are the product of brain cells which are facilitated by and through the working of unconditioned and conditioned reflexes with the aid of First and Second signal systems.

In the above said back ground, it can conclusively assert that there is nothing in the world which is out of science; which is beyond the scope and reach of science. Let therefore the gloom-dreamers continue their somnambulistic sleep walking carrying their beliefs, faiths in soul, sprits and other supernatural entities on their head: For optimists of objectivism, science is everything; science has no limitations. Science spreads light in every area of thoughts and actions of human brain.