Aliens,- They Are There, Everywhere.

Aliens are defined as ‘extraterrestrial life, life which does not originate on or from Earth’. The word also has another contextual meaning: ‘A person living or moving around in a country who is not a national of that particular country’ is also an Alien.

The second meaning confirms that an Alien need not necessarily be an extraterrestrial individual. Take for example the case of Indian citizens who live or move around in Countries like America, Great Briton, Canada and other Nations with or without valid visas, seeking pastures in the field of employment and jobs. They are certainly Aliens in those Countries. But, as far as India is concerned, it is not only the foreign nationals who stay in India who could be Aliens for India but there are millions of Indians who are Aliens in their own beloved Nation.

In India which is the citadel of Casteism under the banner of Chatur Varna Vyavastha, except for the upper-caste conglomerate, all the others are Aliens and therefore untouchables for the toppers in the ladder of Chatur Varna Vyavastha.  Similarly, for the so-called North Indian Aryans, black-colored South Indians are Aliens, too.     

As per general concept, Aliens are “residents” of Planets other than the Earth; it means that aliens are inhabitants of planets which are outside Earth. Not only that: For some evaluator-clans, Aliens are equal or more intelligent than the earthlings called humans.

A few years back, a section of Western News-media had reported that some people had seen Aliens landing on Earth, moving around for some time and then quickly disappearing from the visibility-circuit of the earthlings. If that report is to be taken as true, then, may be, those Aliens which had landed on Earth, might have fled away quickly from the perimeter of Earth in order to reach their own Planet without giving any clue to the Earthling-spectators about their shape, structure, style of movements and looks.

In the context of the above featured story of alien-landings, one thing apparently remains relevant:  That is about the reporting style of modern news-media: Whatever that gets reported in the media need not necessarily be true, factual or reliable. That is the modern way of media reporting on one side and the stand of the readers and the viewers on the other side of the spectrum. Sensationalism is the strongly held motto of modern reporting style of the media. The most important principle of inquiry and confirmation before reporting has been left behind by reporters for the purpose of enhancing readership, circulation and viewership. In the said background, the stories about the appearance of Aliens from other planets on earth and selected people having seen them cannot naturally be given any credence.

Any living organism with mass cannot disappear from the surface of Earth bypassing the gravitational pull. So far there has been no authentic proof of evidence to establish the truth of Aliens landing on Earth and disappearing in no time. Therefore whatever has been reported about the Aliens visiting Earth frequently cannot be taken into account as true. Whether true or not true, it does not matter because the extraterrestrial siblings are bound to leave the Earth immediately without creating any hiccups for the earthling-human species. However, the Aliens who are of the Earth, who wander around on the same Earth seeking employment or playing mischief in other Countries are real problems for the nations concerned.

Going back to the Indian context, though that Country wears the robe of secular-democratic-republic status, the alienated citizenry belonging to the lower-caste strata, painfully bear the burden of being treated as Aliens by the upper-caste communal forces. They are therefore real hiccup-problem for the Secular, Democratic Republic of India. The alienated lower-caste black-colored citizens of the Country are no extra terrestrials who landed on the soil of India. Neither are they migrants from other Countries. They cannot fly away from the surface of Earth like the Aliens which landed on Earth from other planets. Therefore they are real hiccup for the Holy Land of Bharat called India, the secular-democratic-republic as portrayed in Text Books of the Nation.            

Astrology – What’s Its Worth

Has astrology any relation with astronomy? Has astrology anything to do with astronomy?

Astrology is commonly known as ‘Jyothi Shastram’ or ‘Jyothisham’ in most of the Indian languages. ‘Shastram’ and ‘Shastra’ are terms used to refer to science. ‘Shastra’ word-connection with Jyothisham, that is astrology in Indian linguafranca, gave credence to the belief that astrology is a branch of science.   However there is absolutely no relation between astrology and astronomy. Astrology has nothing to do with astronomy. Astrology and Astronomy are two different branches of knowledge, the latter based on science while the former based on beliefs. There is nothing common in between astrology and astronomy. Astronomy is the scientific study of cosmos whereas astrology is a belief of falsehood. Astrology is a story book off assumptions; astrology assumes and professes to interpret the influence of heavenly bodies on human affairs on the basis of the assumption. Some pretentious intellectuals therefore prefer to call astrology as pseudo science: Astrology does not deserve to be qualified even in that way.

The perceived basis of astrological evaluations and predictions of past, present and future of individuals or entities, is the supposed position of planets, stars and moon at the time of birth of the individual or at the time of emergence of the entities. Astrologer prepares astrological chart for predictions on the premise that the position of the celestial bodies at the time of birth dictates the course of events during the life span of the individuals or the concerned entities.

Stars, planets and other celestial bodies in space have gravitational pull on Earth. But it is ridiculous to imagine that the gravitational influence decides the fate of humans who live on the earth; the gravitational pull decides the fate of people depending upon the planetary position at the time of birth of the individual or occurrence of events on earth.

Astrology developed hundreds of years ago when study of space and the celestial bodies was not even heard of. There was no scientific methodology to measure and to confirm the position of stars and planets in the space when any event took place on earth.

Scientists have irrevocably established that the light rays of the stars, planets and other celestial bodies one sees in the sky should have started traversing   through space many light years ago and by the time one sees the star or other celestial bodies in the sky, the actual position of the object of vision might be thousands of miles away from where light rays started to traverse. It is therefore abundantly clear that the father-formulator of astrology could not have been able to decide the actual position of the celestial body in the astrological chart for predictions based on the position of the stars and planets as viewed from earth. This apart, till now no astrologer or proponent of astrology could prove with evidence that the astrological charts, the basis of predictions and the astrologers themselves, hold any validity in areas other than subjective beliefs as against objective reality.

Astrology is a farce, the ‘names’ of the very few celestial bodies among the millions, mentioned in astrological charts may   be   the   only   common   link   that   can   be inferred as existing between astronomy and astrology because astronomy is the study of stars, planets and other celestial bodies in space and the universe.

During the course of existence, hundreds of events and happenings take place in the life span of individual humans. If at all any of the predictions charted by an astrologer coincided with a factual happening, such occurrence could be the result of accidental coincidence: A close evaluation of astrological predictions will undoubtedly show that the percentage of such accidental coincidences never exceed more than one percent. It establishes the truth that astrology is a farce because science does recognize coincidences only if they exceed twenty percent for being studied further.