Trauma: Drive it out, the Simplest Way

Human race has moved far, far, far away from Nature. As humans, we were evolved as a species to live according to the ways of Nature, among the nature, along the line of Nature, using resources available in Nature. However, as years went by, with its superior brain power, human race made rapid progress in almost every conceivable area of activity. The progress that the humans made in agriculture, industry, trade, science and technology resulted in, –

-> Polluting air and water-resources

-> Depleting forest areas by deforestation   

-> Increasing the value of time.

As a result, the individualistic, the social, the cultural and even the political environs had to undergo tremendous changes, changes that have slowly and steadily driven the human race far, far away from the path of Nature. The consequences of the Changes were so serious that the external environs thus created simply could not match with the internal environs of the Homo sapiens species of the modern times. Now the Individual human beings are at war with themselves to catch up with the changing social, cultural, economic and other existential situations all across.

The inevitable consequences of all these situational trends resulted in people becoming less and less composed; they lost self-control and faith in themselves. At the face of demands of modern life, people stood perplexed, confused, stressed and helpless. The uncontrollable strains and stresses people face and experience are attributable to the trauma let out by and through modern life-style mechanism of tuning orchestrated by the newly formed environal set up.

Escape-route for those maladies lies in making the internal environment of the individual mental mechanism equilibrated with the changing external environs of the modern set up. It sounds as if the process called in for the remedy is so tiresome and time-consuming: No, not at all! Through regular practice of very simple routine exercises, one can get adapted to the vagaries of modern living and free oneself from the scourge of stress and strains.

Let us look at what are those simple routines for regular practice aimed at freeing oneself from the ills of modern life-style system and thereby to embrace calm and composure.

-> Proper breathing

-> Relaxation

-> Balance and rhythmic rest

-> Auto-Suggestion

-> Imagination

-> Responsibility Sharing

-> Generating interests in more activities than one

-> Good, trust-worthy, limited friend-circle

-> Free surroundings from pollutants.

That’s all there is to it. Wear the suite.