Mid-brain Activation Technique

An invisible, mischief-laden misty cloud called Mid brain Activation Technique has started spreading its tentacles for quite some time, over the Indian sub-continent and from there over other Countries, enticing gullible parents of school and college going children in the age-group of ten to fifteen years. The parents are attracted towards the so-called mid brain activation program because of the bold promises made by the organizers of the training program that their children becomes super-intelligent in studies as well as in other operational areas of their life once they undergo the training.

An institute in India, named Genius Mind Academy, reportedly the first of its kind in the Country, started Mid-brain activation training program during the year 2005. Another institute in Mumbai began providing training of its own Mid Brain Activation technique in the year 2010. Apart from Mumbai, almost all other cities and towns including Bangaluru (Bangaluru) are also leading the race. These institutions have extended their activities to more than twenty States in India and also to foreign Countries like Dubai, Yemen, Africa, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

The minimum monthly fee these institutions charge on the parents of the children varies from Rupees Fifteen Thousand to Twenty-five Thousand per month. Naturally therefore only super-rich parents go after the super-intelligent-building program for their children. The truth behind the whole drama, however, is that the only motive and purpose of the organizers is to make money without any efforts and investments.

Propagandists of the mid-brain activation technique assert that the program intended for children is directed at making the children super-intellectuals endowed with extraordinary skills. For that purpose they first purportedly equilibrate the functions of both the right and left brain sectors of the subjects. The left-right mid-brain equilibration, according to the Visionary-trainers, increases the depth of memory pool; improves self-confidence; builds up higher imagination capability for planning and creation; brings stability of emotional force and increases learning prowess of the trainees. In that back-ground it is quite natural that the parents would go to any extent to make their kids the super-best. That is certainly the compelling force which pulls the parents to queue up before the promoter-trainers to get their kids admitted for mid-brain activation training irrespective of the fact that they have to shell out huge sums of money every month.

For outsiders, however, mid brain activation training looks very simple but the trainers and propagandists claim otherwise. The latter group asserts that the technique creates ‘Intuition’. The intuition enables children to see and undergo sensory experiences even when their eyes are tightly covered with cloth. With eyes closed they can read books, tell the page numbers, locate different objects and name them, identify colors, read news papers, tell what is behind a wall, walk safely, and do cycling, carry out shooting, play games on a PC; all of course with their eyes tightly closed.

As stated, for igniting mid brain activation, the children are blind folded before they undergo the training. Then they are directed to do certain type of crude yoga steps like bending legs and hands to different directions and up and down, take long breathe-ins and breathe-outs. That is all the basics of the training. Thereafter, with eyes blindfolded, the children are directed to read titles and page numbers of some book, identify color and keep things like plastic cubes in line with shapes and sizes.

There ends the training; there starts the subjugation and loot endured by the misguided, irresponsible, gullible parents for the sake of a jugglery-show. In order to make mid brain activation technique attractive, the loot-monger clan of trainers propagate that the training is based on neuroscience. According to the postulation, inside the cerebrum of human brain there is a section called the inter-brain that lies between the left and right hemispheres. That part of the brain is the ‘third brain’. Third brain when energized through their training program improves the capabilities of the human thoughts and actions including consciousness and intuitions.

Intuition is projected as the cardinal factor behind mid brain activation technique meant to create advanced levels of intelligence. For the proponents of the training program, the most important force that is generated through the third brain activation is ‘intuition’. According to their propaganda, intuition enhances consciousness both of which help the trainees to become ’super-intelligent’ in their existential pursuits.

Intuition is a subjective imagination postulated by believers long before the Middle Ages and it continues to be a part of all major religions across the world over. According to the belief system, intuition exists in the spirit world and it traverses through sixth sense. Concepts of the spirit-world and sixth-sense are absurd ideas which have no scientific basis. There is no spirit pervading the universe to create or to destroy anything in the World. Since there is no spirit world, the ideologists’ claims about intuition have also no space in the physical plane.

Similarly, the story of sixth sense is also a fallacy. All humans and all higher animals have only five senses. These senses represent the faculties of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. These abilities of human brain owe its functionality to the excitation and inhibition of nerve cells in the five sensory centres like, visual center, auditory center, olfactory center and motor center located in the cerebral cortex. In the absence of the existing five senses and sensory centres, no one including the people of the extreme religious faiths and the persons of the deepest spiritual achievements, can have any sensory experiences. Non-existent Sixth sense cannot help anyone to receive or perceive any information.

On the other side, Consciousness is a mental faculty of knowing the surroundings and matters of existence. While consciousness can be part of memory, concept of intuition helps memory to carry subjective imaginations and blind beliefs and faiths. Un-controlled ill-flustered subjective imaginations and beliefs create illusions, hallucinations and delusions the result of which is diseases of mental retardation and derangement.

At no stretch of the track, the training program helps build intelligence. Intelligence is the ability of human brain to reach correct conclusions about what is true and real for resolving issues and problems being faced by individuals; it is the capability of the human mind to know generality and intricacies of situations to decide ‘course of action’.

Mid-Brain Activation Technique is certainly a mockery meant to cheat the public. Mid-brain has no role for development of intelligence and memory. Sensations, perceptions, conceptions leading to memory take place through excitation and inhibition of nerve cells in cerebral cortex located at the forefront of the brain. The so-called mid brain activation training is injurious to brain development of children and it may later lead to mental retardation and cerebral damages.