Telepathy And Clairvoyance.

Telepathy and Clairvoyance are propagated as divine experiences of believers. Believers have many explanations for these divine experiences: Their explanations are far away and aloof from scientific truth. Even then, it is necessary to briefly over-view their explanations about telepathy and its associate clairvoyance to unravel the mysteries attributed to the so-called divine experiences. Just have an overview of the mystical explanations:

The mystical concepts of telepathy and clairvoyance are that they are extra-sensory experiences provided by Sixth Sense. The Sixth sense is formless and it is outside of the existing five senses commonly known Panchendriyas in Indian terminology; sixth sense exists outside the physical body.

The literal meaning of telepathy is “far-feeling” or “tile-feeling”. The far-feeling or tile-feeling is a type of mental telegraphy. Mental telegraphy is the means of communication between the mind of one person and the mind of another person. Telepathy is thus the medium of sending and receiving messages to and from persons who are away from each other. Mind to mind communication is possible because the thoughts in human mind traverse through space with tremendous velocity. The moving thought can hit a person against whom the thought is directed. Telepathy is thus, thought transmission which takes place through the working of the Sixth Sense.

Thus goes the attributes of the extra-sensory experience of telepathy. No doubt, these explanatory attributes too sprung out of subjective imaginations of human mind. Whatever it is, an idea of what telepathy is is reflected in their explanations.

Obscurantists equate telepathy with intuition and premonition. A person gets information suddenly and out of context about an impending disaster or a calamitous incident that has just taken place at a distant locale. The information is passed through the sixth sense. It is telepathic communication behind the curtain of intuition or premonition. The person who faced the incident has communicated the message through the sixth sense. That is how the occurrence is paraded by the obscurantists.

The story of sixth sense is a fallacy. All humans and almost all higher animals have only five senses. These senses represent the faculties of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. The faculties owe their functionality to the excitation and inhibition of the five sensory centres like, visual centre, auditory centre, olfactory centre and motor centre. In the absence of the existing five senses and sensory centres, no one including the people of the extreme religious faiths and the persons of the deepest spiritual achievements, can have any sensory experiences. No sixth sense will help them to receive or perceive any information. Scientists have proved that persons whose cortex had been damaged did not have sensory experiences. They could not see. They could not hear. They could not smell. They could not feel the touch. Sixth sense did not help them and no telepathy worked for them.

As for Clairvoyance, it is almost similar to telepathy in many ways. In telepathy information is believed to be received or sent through sixth sense where there is no visual experience involved. But in clairvoyance the information reaches the subject by and through visual images. In telepathy time factor has no significance. Information of the past, the present and the future is received or sent in telepathy. Information relating to future alone is visualized in clairvoyance.

There is no scientific proof of evidence to establish the existence of the faculties named, telepathy and clairvoyance. What experience one might get depends entirely upon the joint or selective functions of the existing five sense organs. There does not exist a sense in the name of Sixth Sense. No individual, whether an ordinary believer or a spiritual supremo, can send or receive any information either through telepathy or by clairvoyance as willed by them.

The so-called sixth sense and reported occurrences of telepathy and clairvoyance never tally with reality. If at all any such experience is reported to have materialized in real world situations, such occurrence could only be an accidental coincidence. The percentage of such coincidences has been found to be below one out of thousand perceptions which in absolute terms, is a non-recognizable incidence in mathematics.

Telepathy and Clairvoyance are stories created out of falsehood. Telepathy and Clairvoyance have no scientific basis: They just stand within the confines of human belief like other any other beliefs which have no objective reality in the material world.

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