Sixth Sense – The Big Story Book.

On the thirteenth of July 2011 there was a repeat bomb blast in the city of Mumbai, the business Capital of India. The blast killed many innocent people and destroyed several shops. Some people standing on the road sides or doing business in the vicinity escaped the fury of the blasts. They were called the chosen lucky ones. One of the lucky persons who escaped the blast was Mr. Rajaram Bane. The Mumbai based daily news paper DNA in its edition dated July 16 reported that Rajaram Bane was lucky to survive the Zaveri Bazaar bomb blasts. He survived because he acted on a strong premonition that struck him shortly before the blast took place. He could move away from the vehicle that carried the explosives minutes before it exploded.

Mr. Bane said: “I was standing right next to the car that was later found to be carrying explosives. I had a sudden premonition. I just felt that I should not be standing here. So I started walking in the opposite direction: In next few seconds, the blast took place: And then, all I could see was smoke”.

Thanks to the warning given by his sixth sense, he just only suffered some minor bruises, the DNA reporter added.

Call it intuition, premonition or sixth sense, it is a sensory experience reported to be outside and extraneous to the existing five senses. There are hundreds of thousands of reported cases of experience of premonitions which saved tragic situations through working of sixth sense.

A high way motor cycle driver was forced by the sixth sense to get into the nearby roadside cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee. The moment he got inside the cafe, a car and an auto rickshaw coming in the opposite direction on the road, collided each other. All the occupants of the vehicles died on the spot, the parked motor bike got split into pieces. The high way motor cycle driver was saved by his sixth sense.

The son of a seriously sick old man was stationed away for work. One night he dreamed that his father died of the disease. Early in the next morning he got a telephone call informing the news of his father’s demise. The message the son received in his dream was that of the sixth sense.

There are innumerable stories of experiences explained away by the enlightened ones as also by the common man as sixth sense.

“No one shall question the existence of sixth sense. The existence of sixth sense is proved beyond doubt by evidence.” Thus goes the preamble to the Big Story Book called Sixth Sense.

The stories of Sixth Sense are authored by spiritual heads and spiritual gurus. The stories of Sixth Sense are read, absorbed and enjoyed by the spirit world. The spirit world consists of proponents and propagandists on one side of the spectrum and followers of religious texts and ancient scriptures on the other side.

From time immemorial search for the sixth sense for its application and exploitation was in existence. The pittiest of the riddle of this pursuit is that sixth sense is the worst form of gullibility: Some modern thinkers tried to evaluate sixth sense as the product of subconscious mind. Irrespective of the fact that the phenomena of mind cannot have divisions like conscious and subconscious levels, it is a relief that these modern thinkers have come to the conclusion that concept of sixth sense is related to mind representing the existing sensory organs. But then, that explanation defies the very fundamentals of sixth sense. For, ancient religious texts, scriptures, philosophers and spiritual gurus who established the story of sixth sense had other views. These views were based on divine interference of god.

All humans and almost all higher animals have five senses. In Indian linguafranca, they are Panchendriyas. They represent the faculties of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. These faculties owe their functionality to the excitation and inhibition of the five sensory centres like, visual centre, auditory centre, olfactory centre, motor centre etc. situated in the cerebral cortex of the brain. In the absence of the existing five sense organs and sensory centres, no one including the people of extreme religious faiths and the persons of the deepest spiritual achievements, can have any sensory experiences, leave alone the sixth sense. Scientists have proved that persons whose cortex had been damaged did not have sensory experiences. They could not see. They could not hear. They could not smell. They could not feel a touch.

No human being can send or receive any information or message as willed. The reported cases of intuitions or premonitions or sixth sense are all the results of accidental coincidences. Accidental coincidences occur because of the countless interactions and engagements and the accumulated experiences of the past and the present. These ingredients enable people of common sense to calculate, conclude and anticipate. An accidental coincidence cannot be considered as a normal situation representing a fact. The rate of coincidences called sixth sense experiences never exceeds 0.0001 percent to 0.001 percent. Therefore, sixth sense experiences cannot have any mathematical validity and scientific substance.

Sixth Sense is a subjective concept where randomly illusions, hallucinations also play certain level of influence. Whatever be the case, the Big Story Book of Sixth Sense exists behind the robes of spiritual experience: The experience is attributable to factors which have nothing to do with a non-existing sense called Sixth Sense.

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