See Thy God

There are believers who claim that they have seen their God floating before their very eyes: The claims need not always be false. It is possible for the believers to see the deity of their belief and worship appearing before them to bless and then to retreat into nothingness. Such dreamy visuals are possible due to loss of mental equilibrium.

It is a routine phenomenon for believers to see the deity of their worship as dream during sleep. In the dream the deity may even talk to the dreamer. But then, that is the story of the ‘dream-world’: The dream world is always intricate and mischievous. Anything can appear as a dream. A dreamer cannot decide what dream has to be seen. If the believer wants to see god in dream that would be a wishful thinking: Because, dreams never take place as willed or desired. That is one thing about the dream world. Besides, seeing the deity in dreams is different from seeing the deity standing or floating just in front of the believer.

It is a matter of interest to know how a person can see God before the very eyes while being awake. Working of the central nervous system testifies that it is not impossible to effectuate visual experience of god and supernatural entities.

All the objects of worship, including god and deities reside in human mind in the form of beliefs. Any object in the physical plane can be seen as a result of the excitation caused by the light rays that reflect from the object of vision. But in the case of god or anything that has existence only in the mind, cannot reflect light rays to excite the visual centre in the brain to enable the perceiver to see. This is the natural law. There is, however, enough of scientific evidence to prove that there are situations where a person can virtually see god or any such entity which has no objective reality in the physical plane. These situations relate to the fields of illusions and or hallucinations.

Illusion is a distorted or false perception of an existing thing or matter. But hallucination is entirely imaginary or fabricated perception where there is complete absence of any real thing or matter for perception. Hence one can see god as a perception only through hallucinations. Procedures to follow as part of the exercise to enable a person to see God or deity of worship, in an easy to go by method, is explained below:

Humans have five sensory centers in their cerebral cortex. When stimuli from external environs excite the sensory centers and when the process of excitation continues uninterruptedly for long, the nerve cells in the sensory centres of the brain would assume non-responsive state which in physiological terms is called ‘inhibition’ of nerve cells. The result of the inhibition is natural sleep. If by or through some artificial method one or two or more sensory centers could be excited, then an artificial inhibition of the nerve cells in the sensory centre would follow. This could be achieved by jumping and dancing violently or by listening to music non-stop or by looking at a bright and shining object for long period of time. The repeat exercise induces artificial inhibition of motor centre or auditory centre or visual centre, as the case may be, in the cerebral cortex of the exerciser.

During the period of the exercise think of and concentrate on the image of god in the mind. Within a period of twenty to thirty minutes or even earlier, one can see the god appearing in the visual arena as perceived by the individual. Continue in this state and enjoy the presence of god as long as possible. Ultimately the artificial sleep will transform itself into natural sleep and the individual will wake up without harm as it happens in normal waking up from natural sleep.

It must be clearly recognized that the appearance of god and the consequent subjective experiences the believer gets during the exercise are the results of undergoing traumatic conditions, conditions that produced visual hallucination. In general psychiatric term the induced trauma is a mental derangement. It is not a healthy ingredient of normal, healthy brain activity.

All the experiences the devotee-believers get in religious congregations and at the hands of the “holy men” is replica of what has been scientifically elucidated in the exercise as narrated herein above. Beware: Visuals and visualization of things and matters which do not exist in physical plane, which have no objective reality, are products of retarded mental conditions of the concerned individual human beings.

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