Poltergeists – They Are Everywhere

Poltergeist is a trouble-maker spirit or a ghost that mischievously moves domestic wares, knocks at doors, spread foul smells and create such other nuisances: The nuisances are horrible experience for the residents; the nuisances destroy their peace of mind. However, the poltergeist-created troubles are, somehow in some way, tolerated by the residents because the troubles are normally not very serious. But then, there are instances where poltergeists created serious troubles which made the residents run for their lives.

Word ‘poltergeist’ has originated from the German word ‘poltern’ which means to ‘rumble’ or to ‘bluster’ or to ‘jangle’.  ‘Geist’ refers to spirit. Word ‘Poltern’ is also used to describe a peculiar style of speech: In that sense, speaking loudly and abrasively is ‘poltern’. Poltergeist, therefore, is a noisy spirit which rumbles or blusters or jangles, making the victims run for their lives.

In olden days, even a mention of poltergeist was enough to bring shivers in the spine of the listeners. Such was the depth of obscurantism and the fear of the trouble maker, the poltergeist. In the modern scientific era, poltergeist attacks and the innumerable stories about poltergeists should not have impacted anybody but the fact is otherwise:

Poltergeists continue to be an exciting paranormal experience for pseudo scientists of psychology. For common bystanders, poltergeists continue to be mysterious devils creating fearsome experiences. Folklore is full of stories of the mischief created by poltergeists in kitchens, at homes, on roofs and everywhere,  where humans habitat: In some cases, cooks and or house wives find neatly kept food items defecated, kitchen wares broken, fruits and vegetables scattered on floors. On some occasions, at dead of night, residents hear sounds of heavy stones falling on roof tops breaking tiles; tables and chairs in the visiting rooms moving here and there; window panes getting broken and withered. There is no limit to the stories of dirty mischief perpetrated by the goon-ghost poltergeists.

Serious troubles created by poltergeists, are really unbearable: I refer to an incident noted in my case diary: That incident took place in Bangalore where I was engaged in my professional career. It was in the year 1981. The victims of the attack were residents of a house in Sudhamanagar, in the vicinity of Bangalore city. It all started with breaking of vessels, throwing of steel plates and wares and finally burning of beds, clothes and furniture. After a close study of the case and on making personal interviews of persons in the neighbourhood and with the family members, I located the real poltergeist which did the mischief: It was none other than a fifteen year old boy who was staying with the family. He was suffering from certain personality disorder.

Another interesting story reported under the name, Enfield Poltergeist, goes like this: It was the evening of August 30, 1977. One lady named Mrs.Hodgson, the house wife, wanted to put her children into bed. At that moment Hodgson heard her daughter shouting from upstairs that her son’s bed and blankets were flying up and down. Immediately Mrs.Hodgson went upstairs: The room was in pitch dark: She caught hold of the bed but she could not stop it. Not only that, she also saw the chairs in the dark room moving here and there.

Popular belief is that poltergeists are demons or persons influenced by demons. It means that the demons or evil spirits or ghosts as they are interpreted, act themselves or they influence living persons to act on their behalf: Thus starts the mischief mongering poltergeists demonstrating their skills in throwing stones, breaking roofs and window panes, defecating cooked foods, lifting and flying furniture, burning beds, shrieking fiercely and creating such other nuisances forcing the victims run for their life.

Dawn of twentieth century saw some light rays peeping into the mysteries of poltergeists: A few scientific studies of the phenomena have revealed that there are no paranormal forces like evil spirits and ghosts behind poltergeists. Poltergeist is really human being who suffers from acute mental agonies caused by deep emotional turmoil. The internal environs of deep superstitious beliefs and external environs like explosive narrations about Poltergeist-attacks spread by superstitious folk and the news media, buildings and or rooms or nearby places where mysterious deaths have taken place  and such other situations, could emerge as the fertile ground for emotionally excited persons to unconsciously play the role of poltergeists.

Ghosts and spirits are imaginations: They exist in human belief. But Poltergeist trouble is not imagination or sheer belief. Poltergeists do really exist but not as what are propagated in the name of trouble making ghosts or evil spirits.

Wherever and whenever poltergeists are reported to be present and active, one has to be firm about the truth that poltergeist would be none other than a living person. In exceptional situations, it can happen that the poltergeist trouble might have emerged from domestic pets like cats and dogs, wild birds like owls, falling fruits and nuts from nearby trees. Besides, possibility of neighborhood enemies and local rowdy elements deliberately acting as the Poltergeist cannot also be ruled out.

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