Palmistry – The Mansion of Obscurantism

Palmistry is a member of the Occult Family like Astrology. Palmistry is another fortune telling exercise. For forecasting the future, Astrology looks for stars and planets in the skies and prescribes predictions on the basis of the supposed positions of a few selected celestial bodies in the astrological chart drawn up by Astrologers.  But, Palmistry looks for the shape of hands, length of fingers, lines inside the palm, marks and bumps on the left and or right hands of the people who fall prey for palmistry and its predictions.

Palmistry is known under different names: Palm Reading, Hand Reading, Chirology, Hastha jyotish and Hastha shasthra are other names used for Palmistry. Hastha Shasthra and Hastha Jyothish are Sanskrit words where Hastha means ‘Hand’, Shasthra stands for ‘Science’ and Jyothish denotes Astronomy. No wonder, for the inventors of the occult practices, astrology and palmistry were also faculties of Science. But then, one should have to admit that the origin of these practices belonged to a period when light of science was yet to reach visibility and brightness.

Palmistry is believed to have originated in ancient India, as part of its enlightened philosophical thoughts. Hundreds of years ago, Sage Valmiki is said to have written many verses revealing various facets of Palmistry when the rest of the world was still in the dark about the subject. Ancient scriptures contain verses on Palmistry and the virtues of its practice. It is presumed that from India astrology spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and Europe. One heresy is that Alexander the Great, with the assistance of Aristotle used Palmistry to examine the  abilities of his military officers. About the lines on one’s palm, Aristotle is stated to have remarked, “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason. They emanate from heavenly influences and man’s own individuality”.

Hippocrates is said to have used palmistry to support clinical procedures. Such was the eminence and stature Palmistry held in the Occident in those days.

In the Oriental, other than in India, Palmistry practice was popular in Tibet, China and Persia. In the past, Palmistry was a flourishing practice among Hindus, Sumerians, Tibetans, Hebrews, Babylonians and Persians. It doesn’t mean that Palmistry is no more in practice today: The truth is otherwise: Despite the spread of science and scientific temper among the people, there are believers who go after Palmistry to seek clarity on their survival chart in the future. The trend keeps the fortune telling clan called by different names like Palmists, Palm Readers, Hand Readers, Hand Analysts or Chirologists to earn a living pitching on the gullibility of their clientele.

The Palmist scrutinizes life line, heart line, head line, cuts, curves, shapes and other cross marks in the palm of the fortune seekers. Then he makes predictions based on certain believed parameters in the shape, curvature, length and cuts in the lines on the palm.

There is no proof of evidence that the lines, marks, shapes et al in the hands of the subject has any relation to what is going to happen in or during the life-span of a person. As in the case of any other obscurantistic  beliefs, no one is entitled to question the validity or truth of the predictions. The clientele who pay for the predictions meekly but enthusiastically leave the Palmist with folded hands.

The lines and the shapes of the hands mostly depend on the size of the body of the subject. The lines in the hands can have some bearing on the type of body and the way one bends the palms and the fingers. These facts have no substance in Palmistry and these facts do not save Palmistry out of the clutches of obscurantism.

Palmistry is a hoax: Text books on Palmistry states that a long and straight life line in the palm is a sign of healthy long life.  Similar is the case of heart lines and headlines. The famous Rationalist of Sree Lanka, late Dr. A. T. Kovoor, in association with his doctor friends in a hospital at Colombo had disproved the claims of Palmistry in this regard. The team found that some of the dead bodies of young men in the mortuary in the hospital had lengthy life lines, headlines and heart lines on their palms: Still those young men had to face untimely death.

Palmistry is a fallacious tract, devoid of even a trace of scientific truth in its path. Palmists  are disguised cheats, whether they know it or not, the fact remains that the innocent superstitious believers are subjugated to suffer mentally, physically, culturally and monetarily at the hands of Palmists who conduct the trade of palmistry.  No other creatures other than humans have that peculiar trait to build mansions in the air using non-existent materials and gain material benefits out of nothing. Palmistry along with other occult practices lives in such mansions in the air. The mansions are there for rentals to the cheats and for visits by the obscurantists.

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