NARCO Analysis – Plug The Truth

NARCO Tests and NARCO Analysis are lie-detection techniques which are increasingly being employed by lie detecting agencies to prove or disprove whether a criminal suspect has really committed the offense. The reliability of the tests is being debated by Human Rights Activists and Social Reformers, everywhere. The technique involves injection of certain chemicals to put the suspect under sleep-like state. It is believed that while under the artificial sleep the suspect would reveal the truth about the crime or the involvement of the suspect in committing the crime.

At present the Criminal Courts in India do not consider the results of NARCO Tests as valid proof: The tests are also reported as prohibited in America, Great Briton and some other European Countries. However, it is argued that in some instances the revelations made by suspects may lead to further investigations for gathering crucial evidence to establish truth.

The people, who stand in favor of NARCO Tests, seldom recognize that human brain is a very delicate and sensitive organ. Even the slightest of indications from the words put to the subject, gesticulations displayed and attitudes expressed by the investigators during the test, would create tangible nervous activity in the subject’s cerebral centres. Therefore, in most cases the revelations made by suspects during the tests, turn out to be fabricated, false and may be far from truth.

The state of mind of the person under the test can be compared to the state of mind of a person under hypnosis. The sensory centres in the cerebral cortex of the hypnotized subject would be partially or totally inhibited making faculty of reasoning fractured or totally absent. At that stage certain centres that can be termed as “sentry posts” in the central nervous system would be remaining alert.

Sentry posts would respond to any suggestion that tend to the meaning or idea behind the suggestion that it purports to represent. A word, a gesture, a sound from the personnel present who conducts the test would tend the individual under the test to respond in the manner and in line with the perceived intention of the input. More so is the case when the suspect is in the particular inhibitory phase called “paradoxical hypnotic phase”. In paradoxical phase the response of the mind of the subject remains inexplicably exhilarated elusive of facts. As a result, almost always, what is said or murmured during brain mapping tests may lead to falsehood of fabricated revelations. As a result these tests in the past could have resulted in torture and humiliation of many an innocent individual.

Apart from the facts described above, human rights activists and social reformers demand that the tests should no longer be carried out and no one should be subjugated by or through these types of tests which violate human rights and freedom of expression.

Whatever be the case, there remains another important factor to be taken into account in the context. The crime investigation agencies need have to consider all sorts and types of tests and even third degree methods to find out the culprit where the crime involved is serious and defying the very values of humanity. In that sense NARCO analysis and other lie detection techniques like hypno-analysis may appear to be justifiable. But when science does not accept these tests as fool-proof,  when these tests leads to falsehood, when these tests  violates human rights and freedom of expression, the tests remain unacceptable; unacceptable for any civilized society. Therefore NARCO test should be banned for ever from the face of the Earth: No agency or groups should ever resort to such inhuman activities in or at any situation, privately or openly.

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