Miracles – An Overview

Miracles are everywhere. Look into the pages of ancient scriptures: We find descriptions of miracles on every page. Look around, it is miracles and stories of miracles at every congregation of Spiritualists, Priests and Religious Heads. Meet your neighbourhood believer; miracles are all what he has to say about.

Ordinary believers feel aghast at every miracle they encounter. Miracles do happen almost every moment to bewilder the believers.

When a deep pit in the riverbed got filled up with mud and sand due to the torrential currents of a heavy flood, it was miracle for the believers who prayed for the depth in the river to be levelled up.

When an out of the season spell of a heavy rainfall caused sudden floods, the event turned out to be miracle for the believers.

When, in an air crash or a train accident or a natural calamity like an earth quake, hundreds of thousands of people die but a few survive the death, it is certainly an unforgettable miracle for the believers.

When a seriously sick person recovers of the illness apparently without known medication, it is miracle for the believers.

When a god man waves his hands in the air and brings out a pinch of ash, a tiny gold chain or wrist watch, it is wonderful  miracle for the devotees.

If a devotee in dreaming mind sees a mythological figure it is also propagated as a miracle.

Anything and everything can turn out to be a miracle. There are no rules, regulations and parameters for a miracle to happen. Miracle can therefore be defined as an event or occurrence beyond the level of being objectively understood or deciphered by an individual or a group of individuals, at a given time or situation.

The definition forewarns that experience of miracles depends upon the mental stature of the perceivers depending upon situations.

Experience of miracles is confined to human mind. It exists only in human belief. No birds, no animals, no plants and no other living species except humans, have beliefs. Therefore only humans experience miracles.

Experience of miracle can well be explained in the light of science. Miracle can be either an illusory perception or a hallucinatory experience of the believer. Miracles in the category of materialization of tiny objects are jugglery of sleight of hands. Believers take such things as miracles. Seeing god-heads, mythological figures, dead persons, friends and foes in dreaming mind is the result of hallucinatory deflective mindset of the beholders. Whatever be the case, for true believers, their experience of miracles is real although the experience itself is not reflection of objective reality.

Experience of miracles may be categorized into two parts. The first one is wicked acts of cheats like the fake gurus, saints, sanyasis and god men who perform sleight of hands before gullible believers to show miracles. Even though production of the miracles at the hands of these cheats is of jugglery, the innocent believer looks at it as a real experience.

The second category belongs to the sphere of hallucinations. In these cases, the believer himself falls into intermittent cerebral fallacies and experiences hallucinatory perceptions of miracles.

The stories of miracles can be summarized in the following lines: The innocent and the gullible experience miracles out their unhealthy cerebral conditions. The crooks and the cheats make miracles out of their cowardly wickedness.

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