Kill Mantra – The Sorcery That Kills

 Sorcery is kill-mantra, – the mantra that kills: Sorcery is a member of the occult family: Not only that, Sorcery is the supreme head of the occult family. The Supremo is endowed with the highest degree of supernatural powers which can negate all what is good and bright for human thoughts and actions.

For believers God is the greatest of all the supernatural entities. The next in the row, is soul, the spirit; soul and spirit sustain life. When soul, the spirit, leaves the body living organism meets its end; the end is portrayed as death.

Depending upon the deeds of the dead person in the previous birth, the soul of the dead may get entry into heaven to enjoy the pleasures arranged there or the soul may go to hell to face all the miseries ordained there. But all souls do not have opportunity either to enter the heaven or to go to the hell. There is a set of souls which gets neither heaven nor the hell but gets disembodied. The disembodied spirit wanders in space attacking living beings. The entities in the third category are ghosts or evil spirits, feared by everybody, everywhere.

Sorcery is defined as ‘use of magic through the aid of evil spirits with the intent to harm others’. Everyone knows that magic is jugglery which creates illusory experiences for the viewers. Magicians seldom take recourse to evil spirits to create illusions for the consumption of their audiences because they know sorcery cannot work on their tools. Sorcery has nothing to do with magic: Sorcery, therefore, stands aloof. Sorcery creates harmful effects only on the victims.

Evil spirits known as ghosts are invoked in all kinds of sorceries to maim and destroy others. Practice of sorcery is universal at the hands of nefarious human elements. Despite the fact that science and technology has enormously influenced the thoughts and actions of people, there are still persons who practice sorcery with dubious intentions. There are also people who become prey to sorcery and who face the consequences of sorcery. The trend setters who sustain the practice are religion, faith and ritualistic practices of blind beliefs and superstitious practices of malicious human entities.

Ancient Scriptures of the holy land of Bharat contain rituals which are meant to propitiate gods and spirits. These rituals are called ‘mantras’. Mantras are recited with the accompaniment of ‘homam’, the holy fire, along with flowers and incense. Most of the mantras are verses composed in Sanskrit and are recited in connection with ‘poojas’, rituals and other religious ceremonies. In later decades, mantras were also scripted in other Indian languages including vernaculars of tribal population. If a linguistic study as to its meaning and content is carried out, the scholars might have to admit that most mantras do not have any sense other than making meaningless sounds at the recital.

When mantra is recited along with the prescribed paraphernalia, the devotees around, would pass through a mental phase of heightened feelings which may be of positive consequences or negative impacts depending upon the faith, belief and gullibility of the persons concerned. The mantras which are used for evil purposes are called ‘tantra’ or tantras and the performer of tantra is named Tantric. The effectiveness or otherwise of mantra and tantra depends upon the persons at whom the mantra or the tantra are directed.

A gullible person who is a strong believer of spirits and who is afraid of the impact of the kill-mantra of tantra might easily be carried away into the evil depths which in due course of time make the individual sick. In extreme circumstances, the impact of kill-mantra might even lead the believer to death. But no mantra or tantra can ever create any impact on a person who does not believe in any mantra or tantra either to appease the spirits for doing well or to maim and kill others for illicit motives.

In March 2008, a visual media major repeatedly telecast a big drama enacted by a famous tantric of North India, who patronized many known and unknown personalities. In front of specially arranged ‘homa’ was seated a staunch Rationalist. The Tantric played all his tricks, including physical pressure on the Rationalist to create some impact of his kill-mantra but he repeatedly failed. The Rationalist immediately came out and addressed a press meet and explained the whole story of mantras and tantras and the notoriety of the tantric.

There are no mantras or tantras that can kill a person. The evil impacts of tantra solely depend upon the scale of gullibility of the believer-subjects.

There are no souls, there are no spirits to sustain life. No soul escapes the body at the time of death. There are no spirits which wander around to attack the living. There are no spirits to haunt living persons in the physical plane. Soul, spirit, ghost and other supernatural entities are denizens of human mind. The humans who carry the denizens in their mind have naturally to carry the burden of the denizens, as well.

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