God, Belief and Religion

‘Religion is an organized system of beliefs in and worship of god or gods’. That is how religion is defined in dictionary. The system of beliefs and worship of god or gods is completely in the domain of human thoughts: No animals, no plants do have any idea of god and religion. No living organism other than humans has any thought of god and religion; none of them except humans worship god or gods as the system of belief.

God or gods and belief thereof are totally out of objective reality in the physical plane as compared to science which has no such confines: Science is applicable to all living and non-living organisms. Science cannot represent religion because science does not have any of the attributes of religion. Science and Religion have no common link. Science cannot, at any point of time, take over the posture or rank of religion.

God is a creation of human mind; human mind created god out of fear. Several independent studies are available on this subject: These studies were not carried out to evaluate whether belief in god is good or bad, but to find out how the concept of god came into being.

First it was confirmed that lower animals and other living organisms have no faculty of believing in anything. Their brain cells are not capable of this activity. They have, therefore, no idea of god and they have no belief in god. In that context it is pertinent to note that, some advanced animals like elephants, monkeys and cows can be trained to bow and prostrate before man-made abodes of gods and man-made deities.

What is happening in such cases is the working of conditioned reflexes developed in the brain cells of the animal by and through repeat action of bowing and prostrating forced upon the animals by animal trainers. The act of the animals bowing before places of worship or prostrating before deities cannot be taken for granted as proof of evidence that animals do believe in god.

Tracking the case of humans, long before homosapiens reached the stage of civil society, what the wandering prehistoric humans, while wandering for food and shelter in the dangerous terrain on the surface of earth, feared the most was wild animals, thunder, lightning, rains and floods. They started believing that these calamitous agents were the creation of unknown supernatural powers and that pleasing of those unknown supernatural powers would help them survive the odds of the nature. Thus was the way belief in supernatural powers surged in human mind. That was how belief originated in human mind; belief that was born out of fear.

It took hundreds of years for the humans to reach the stage of societal advancement and civility. During the course of the advance, refinement took place in the concept of supernatural powers, refining it to the glory of god and providing it with innumerable explanations as attributes to god or gods. But the root cause of belief remains the same: It was fear! Fear of odds that retard survival; fear of odds that retard growth and progress in every area of survival; fear of odds that prevents entry to heaven when death occurs.

Whatever be the truth about the origin of belief  in god and the origin and growth of religion, one of the most painful facts remains: Religion has been a tool for destruction. Religion continues to be the tool of destruction despite the growth of science and scientific temper across the world.

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