Ghosts? — Oh, They Are Real.

Questions abound: Are ghosts real? If yes, where do they exist? How they look like? Are ghosts intelligent? Can they be visible for naked eyes?

The questions about Ghosts have always been a disturbing thought for believers across the world.  Believers strongly hold that ghosts do exist. For them ghosts are real inhabitants of the spirit world. But the believers fail to give tangible explanations as to where really lye the spirit world? Even among educated intellectuals there are fence-sitters who are confused: whether to admit or not to admit the existence of ghosts is their vicious trauma.

Word ‘ghost’ is described as the supposed disembodied spirit of a dead person wandering or ruthlessly attacking or haunting persons who are alive. The description looks embarrassing. Life of a person is sustained by spirit: Life itself is spirit. When the person dies the spirit escapes from the body; the escaped spirit gets disembodied; then the disembodied spirit wanders to haunt and attack living persons. Really horrendous episodes these are!

The descriptions attributed to ghost defy common sense. The descriptions are belief based subjectivism. The subjective imaginations have no tangible evidence. Atheists and Rationalists therefore deny the existence of ghosts. However the believers go on arguing to substantiate their faith in Ghosts. The arguers do all what they can do either to propitiate ghosts or to nail the ghosts to prevent it from haunting persons who are alive.

According to the description, ghosts are disembodied spirits of dead persons. The persons die because spirit leaves the body. It means that life is spirit. What is therefore relevant in the context of existence of ghost is to ascertain whether there is spirit that keeps a person alive? If so, from where and how does the spirit enter the uterus of a woman at the time of conceiving a child? And then on the death of a person, how long the disembodied spirit would be wandering? These and so many other questions are to be answered if one has to decide whether there are ghosts on this planet.

The answer to the question of existence of spirit to keep a person alive is in the negative. The living organism, including the human being, lives because of the bio-chemical, bio-electric processes that take place in the body. These processes help bronchi-cardiac-ingestion functions to sustain and to help body and nerve cells to get necessary oxygen and nourishment for energy, for growth and sustenance. It is not an unknown and unknowable spirit that helps the cells to live and to grow. Death is the result of stoppage of the stated functions in the body and not the escape of a non-existent spirit from the body. This process can be likened to a burning candle. The glowing flame extinguishes itself when the wind blows, or when one blows out air at the flame from the mouth or when a drop of water falls on the burning spot. The glowing flame simply disappears, the flame does not sustain outside the candle to haunt anything or anybody.

As for a person the cause for stoppage of the bio-chemical and bio-electric functions can be anything. It can be non-operation of bodily functions due to old age, due to the attack of furious viruses and bacteria, strangulation, drug or poison. In death, cells stop working for lack of oxygen, for want of nourishment and for lack of nerve energy.

There is no spirit to escape the body at the time of death: There is, therefore, no ghost to wander about and to haunt the living organisms including the humans on this Earth. Since story of spirit is myth, there is no spirit world for ghosts to float and wander. The story of ghost is a creation of human belief born out of obscurantist gullibility.


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