Evolution — What Next after Humans

There is Earth. There is life on Earth. There are innumerable living organisms on the earth. There are microbes, reptiles, birds, animals, monkeys and lastly humans on the earth.

Creationists claim that Earth and all the living organisms on the earth are created by an omnipotent, omniscient super power called God. Science does not recognize the creationist theories. Leaving aside the belief of creationism, scientists are of one voice that living organisms covering different species evolved through natural selection and genetic mutation. Basing the theory of evolution, scientists are perplexed as to what would be the next species after the humans in the ladder of evolution. That question continues to be an intriguing parody: From monkeys came the humans, – that was Evolution.

What would, then, be the next specie after the humans? What would be the size of that specie to be evolved after the humans? How would that specie look like?

It is true and certain that humans did not replace monkey in the process of evolution. Monkeys still continue to exist with all their biological features. Humans also exist and survive with all that is of humans. It confirms that evolution is not replacing one species with another or place one species over the other. Instead the latter would be an advanced transformation of the former.

The question what next after humans, the Homo sapiens, in the path of Evolution, has raised certain controversies:

It is well known, well-established truth that the factors leading the evolution basically are natural selection and genetic mutation. These processes take place in environs where the species exist. The context demands that the fittest of the existing specie gets advanced for its survival in the environs. The parody over what next after humans has arisen in the back ground of the ‘environs.’

Human race has advanced to such an extent where humans could change the environs rather than environs changing the humans. A section of the scientists therefore, came up with the suggestion that there would be no further evolution after humans because genetic mutation that creates traits and causes natural selection for survival in the changed environs, does not relate to the present where humans are concerned. Steve Johns, head of the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environments, University College, London, and Chris Stringer, research leader at National History Museum, London were among the scientists who strongly opined that there would be no further evolution after human.

However the fact remains that the very principle of evolution still remains. Genetic experts like John Wilkins of University of Melbourne, argue that evolution is ‘non-stop’ process and the process will continue as genes do not stay in one place for infinite period of time.

Even among homogeneous population, randomness and mutation will have to happen and new species will have to evolve. May be, this will happen after millions of trillions of years in the depth of time, if by that time, earth and the organisms still survive to exist. Such being the situation, no guess work would be feasible even to imagine the shape, calibre, size and look of the species to be evolved in the path of evolution after the human-speies.

There could be no time frame for the researchers to come up with reliable evidence to establish the truth. Let us be cool: Better not to bother about a situation that may or may not arise even after trillions of years in the depth of time. No specie shall evolve after the humans, in the next hundreds of generations, to degrade or to overtake the humans.

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