End Of The Universe

Is there an end for the Universe? Will the Earth continue to exist without an end?

Average general public are not concerned about whether the universe will end one day or whether the universe will not end at all. But religionists lose sleep over the question. For the religious set of believers, Almighty Creator might one day destroy the whole world but He might certainly save his creations who served the Almighty Creator throughout their life. Intellectuals are really curious about the question and they continue to study available materials on the subject and speculate things about the end of the universe. For them the question continues to remain unanswerable because even as of now, they do not have any indication or evidence to prove that there is an end for the universe and if there is an end when that end will take place.

The position being as it is at present, it is interesting to trace what different religions have to say about the origin and the end of the universe before examining the theories propounded by scientists regarding the end of the Universe.

Many religions believe in the origin of the universe as explained in Genesis: According to them God created the Universe including everything thereon, living as well as non-living organisms. But there remains a doubt whether it is the earth, the sun and the stars those were created by god as per the Genesis or is it the universe as a whole that was created by god. From what is narrated in Genesis on creation, the right course of presumption would be that God created the Universe.

According to Jainism, the world is infinite (‘Shaswat’) and the infinite world was neither created by any entity like god nor will the world end at any time.

Hinduism upholds several beliefs about the origin of Universe: The prominent belief is that Brahma emerged from the navel of Vishnu to start the creation of Universe. Other beliefs which strangely have similarity with the scientific theory of origin of universe also exist in the mythological scripts of Hinduism. They describe the Universe as a primeval matter floating like an egg which exploded suddenly, resulting  in the formation or rather creation of galaxies, stars and planets.

Scientific era post-dates religious beliefs: Religions came up long before human kind saw the light rays of science and scientific inventions. It is therefore quite natural for religious views to change as time passes by to accommodate scientific views suitably adulterated to meet the needs of beliefs. Latest Christian belief is an example for this: Most Christian churches now accept ‘Big Bang’ theory as the origin of the Universe though according to them the bang was caused by the God.

According to the theories expounded by scientists, universe originated as a result of a ‘BIG BANG’ that took place some fifteen billion years ago: The Big Bang caused the explosion of an unimaginably dense and hot piece of object; the explosion disbursed matter, stars, planets, galaxies and black holes. Thus was how Universe was formed or rather emerged.

The Universe that was formed out of the Big Bang is fast expanding and new matter is being formed every moment. In that situation, end of universe appears to be an unlikely event. May be, there will be no end of the universe; maybe there will be an end for the Universe. If at all there is going to be an end, that end ought to have to happen  at the hands of humans: That is how it has to be premised out of the ever growing destructive activities those are taking place at the hands of humans in the name of god, religion and beliefs!

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