Destiny – The Will of God

‘Destiny’ is a word very familiar to all of us. Every believer finds solace in destiny. There is nothing for surprise even when a non-believer utters the word “Destiny” to express a situation. It is just a reflex action. It also proves that everyone knows what the word ‘destiny’ is all about and what the word ‘destiny’ stands for.

Dictionary defines ‘destiny’ as ‘something that is to happen to a person or a thing’. Destiny is a predetermined course of event that has been ordained to happen.

Every believer seeks solace in trouble by praying to god. For the believer, it is destiny that has been thrust on the believer by god. All along, till the end, the believer will be praying to the almighty god to rewrite the destiny. But the helpless believer forgets one thing which is serious when the believer asks for rewriting the destiny by the almighty:

Should one who believes in god, pray to the god to rewrite the destiny? No true believer shall pray to god to change the destiny: Because, everything that has to happen has got to happen else that would amount to interference with the will of god. That apart, no prayer shall serve any purpose against the will of god.

But then, there is yet another riddle involved in the stance. Everything on this earth happens as pre-ordained by the almighty god. Every thought and action of the believer has been pre-decided by the god. Therefore, if a believer prays to God to change the destiny that too ought to have to be the will of God!

The concept of god is very complex and intriguing: God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and all powerful creator; creator of the earth, creator of all living and non-living organisms on the earth; creator of all planets, creator of all stars and all what are there in the universe and the universe itself. God is the creator who defies all questions as to where he was at the time of creation of universe and as to where he was before he created the universe. God is the creator who defies all questions as to where he dwells at present; god is the creator who defies all questions as to who his creator was.

The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and all powerful god is not only the creator, but he also nurtures his creations, saves his creations, punishes his creations, destroys his creations and rehabilitates his creations in paradise or in hell. These activities are carried out by god very perfectly, very precisely even to the minutest of details. In these circumstances, god need not have ordained that his creations shall have to pray and worship him for anything and everything. But alas! God has also ordained that his creations shall have to pray to him; his creations shall have to worship him:

Everything what a believer does or practices or thinks is in line with what god has ordained the believer to carry out and to undergo. There are no other ways for the believers other than to pray and worship god because true belief in god betrays anything that is otherwise. The path of true belief has to accept that prayer and worship are also ordained by god

Yes, belief is viciously intriguing, because belief is the product of imagination. Beliefs are in the custody of human mind. Beliefs reside within the confines of human mind. Beliefs never give relief to the believer. Beliefs demand time, energy and worth of the believer. Way for escape for the believer from the strangle-hold of the intriguing elopement with god is to come out of all beliefs. Way to escape the elopement is long and it is difficult to traverse the path without dedicated efforts. It requires spirit of inquiry, will of conviction and true love for fellow inhabitants of this Earth. One thing is very crucial and that thing is very certain: Freeing oneself from the intriguing elopement with god can only help believers to think straight and find solutions for problems in the material world.

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