Black Hole in Human Brain

Black and White are well known, well identified colours, even though science does not recognize them as colours.  Right from its origin, VIBGYOR had deep-rooted enmity towards WHITE and BLACK. Certainly that might be the reason why VIBGYOR denied membership to WHITE and BLACK in their group. But that did not matter the least for the duo. They founded permanent dwellings in Space, more specifically in Galaxies and also in human brain. Major part of the human brain is in the custody of WHITE codified as white-matter. The rest is occupied by black: Black created imaginary holes here and there inside white matter. It nicknamed the imaginary hole on the white-field as BLACK HOLES.

Scientists have confirmed that there are so many BLACK HOLES in Galaxies. These holes are totally different from the holes which are abundant on the surface of Earth. They are full of darkness and thereby black even during day time as they are during night as it ought to have to be. But the black holes in galaxies have inexplicably mysterious reactions as compared to the black holes on earth. Nothing, not even light can escape from black holes in galaxies. Whatever matter, including light rays, pass by or try to enter the black holes, they get sucked in, crushed and then get dissipated to nothingness.

Black Hole phenomena in the Space can reasonably be called as miracles because, till date, Scientists could not make even an inch of progress to find out anything about Black Holes except for their getting excited over the phenomena. They continue to be clueless as to how black holes are formed, what happens to matter including light which get sucked in when they happen to pass by, how they exist and how long they will continue to exist in Space.  No answers to these questions. The phenomena of Black Holes remain as mysterious as ever. Despite decades of research, these monstrous cosmological phenomena remain shrouded in mystery. Let it be so, for now, till scientists find something crucial with tangible evidence about the basics of Black Holes.

Wait for a moment:  Just ponder over the Black Hole phenomena in Space: As soon as one tries to ponder over the phenomenon, there comes in  a serious thought about human brain. Just like in the case of the black holes in Galaxies which swallow everything but never allows anything to escape, there are large number of people among the denizens of human race who take in abundance of knowledge during their day to day engagements with people around, newspapers, magazines, books and periodicals  as also what they hear from public platforms.   Whether these persons are intellectuals or ordinary people, nothing comes out of their mouth from the knowledge-pool they stored in their mind, either in the form of words or by signs and symbols. They do not undertake lectures or do not address public meetings or elocution competitions. Neither are the knowledge and information used for self acclamation or for appreciation. They are the people whose brain and sensory centres can be taken as carriers of BLACK HOLES similar to those in Galaxies except for the fact that unlike the black holes in space, the black holes in human brain do not dissipate and destroy whatever knowledge and information they contain. Similarly, unlike the space-centric black holes, black holes in human brain are neither black in appearance  nor are there any holes, presumptive or otherwise, in their sensory areas or the brain as a whole.  The term ‘Black Hole’ in human brain created by researchers, is just a synonym to emphasize the nature of a set of people and personalities who keep mum despite their being the store-house of information, knowledge and intellectual ism.

Kudos to all the black hole-bears: But for them the human habitats on earth would have become   soundly and nightmarish for the residents.  They deserve all the appreciations for maintaining normalcy in ecological, social, cultural and political arenas for the Good of Nations.

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