About Me

Hi friends,

I am P K Narayanan. Let me get introduced and acquainted:

I acquired competence in practical  hypnotism in the year 1962-63. The course of theory and practice was imparted to me in the  garb of personal magnetism, etheric force, sixth sense and all such  imaginary forces. Being a Rationalist of scientific attitudes, these imaginations of personal magnetism did not go well with me even though I had amply recognized that Hypnosis is not imagination but true and  factual: What was lacking was a scientific answer to the questions,  what hypnotism is, how one gets hypnotized and what are the physiological factors (nervous activity) involved in hypnosis. These questions and my quest for truth led me to the works of eminent scientists like I M Sechenov and Nobel Laureate Dr. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. Their experimental research on physiology of nervous system revealed the scientific truth behind hypnosis which I virtually absorbed.

I became a Hypnotist of modern scientific era. I became a  litterateur of modern physiological psychology.  As a scientific Hypnotist, I took  hypnotism to the masses to eradicate superstitions of gullible believers through my lecture-cum-stage hypnotic shows. I still continue this work on various forums as a measure of social reformation of the ill-informed people.  I practice  scientific hypnosis  to cure deranged mental conditions of sufferers mostly as a charitable work for the people. I teach scientific hypnotism to medical practitioners and qualified psychologists to practice counseling and hypnotherapy for their patients.
As a writer of  science literature, I regularly contribute to magazines and journals articles on topics involving various facets of mind, its working, consequences, and impacts. I have written a number  of books based on my studies: The published works include: Sleep and  Dreams, Human Mind, Theory and Practice of Scientific Hypnosis – A text Book, Psycho Somatic Structure of Miracles, My  Voyage, Sun Shine and the Dust, Osho, The Somnambulist Mind et al.

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